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BEN Drowned x Reader (Part 3)
(y/n)'s P.O.V
I was lying down on the bed with the PC on my lap. I was playing (s/f/g). I was about to finish it when I heard my bell ringing again. I groaned and got up from bed. I run to the door and opened it, only to see this cartridge lying down in front of my door with a letter next to it. I took the letter and read it:
- Dear (y/n),
I have checked the cartridge and it seemed like I was wrong. It seems like you can play it. Enjoy your playtime, love.
With love,
I got surprised that he changed his mind so quickly. But I was happy that he at least let me play it. I run to my room and got my N64 to play it.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Timeskip again...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"This game really is realistic AND creepy!" I thought. From the time I started playing it, I was feeling like I was not alone! Also, during the game I would see my name instead of my character's. Plus, I had problems with a statue-stalker. It looked like Link and I felt like it was looking at me...not
:iconmelina-dark:Melina-Dark 2 1
BEN Drowned x Reader (Part 2)
(y/n) P.O.V
Me and Derek have arrived at my house some time ago and now we are in my room. It has (f/c) walls with posters of my favorite game (f/g). It also includes a desk with a (f/c) PC and a bed with plain (s/f/c) sheets . We were looking on the Internet for information about the project we have. It is boring but if we both want to get an A, we will have to take it. While doing so, we heard the bell ringing. We looked at each other, wondering who it would be.
- Are you waiting for someone?
- I don't.
He stood up and gestured me to follow him. I obeyed and we went to the kitchen to get some weapons. Derek got a kitchen knife and I got a butcher one. We held the knives tightly and went to door. Derek checked from the hole and then he looked at me.
- There is no one here...
- You sure about that...?
- Yes.
I held the knife behind my back tightly and placed my hand on the door knob, turning it. I opened the door slowly and saw a package lying in front of my door.
Derek noticed
:iconmelina-dark:Melina-Dark 2 0
Yandere!BEN Drowned X Reader
- You think you won?!
The brown-haired girl screamed at the blonde male in front of her. He had a wide smirk on his face while his red irises scanned her features. He loved her. He wanted her and no one would stop him!
(y/n) P.O.V.
I was just coming back from school with my friend and classmate, Derek! We have been friends since 1st grade and we have sticked together since then. Today we were walking to my house to study for our school's project. There was silence for some time, so I decided to be the first one to break it.
- Soooo, what we will do with this project? Any ideas?
He looked at me and sighed.
- Don't you think that it is a lil'early to ask it now?
- Then what would you like to talk about?
- I don't know...Mayb-
We were startled when we heard a rustling from the trees nearby. We stared at the trees for a while 'till we notice a squirrel coming out. We burst out laughing.
BEN's P.O.V.
I was staring at a laughing (y/n) and an idiot laughing with her. I growled at
:iconmelina-dark:Melina-Dark 3 1
meat 05 by ufohouse meat 05 :iconufohouse:ufohouse 508 11 meat 04 by ufohouse meat 04 :iconufohouse:ufohouse 540 12 meat 03 by ufohouse meat 03 :iconufohouse:ufohouse 531 16 meat 02 by ufohouse meat 02 :iconufohouse:ufohouse 640 12 Creepy drawing)? :v by Lukatero Creepy drawing)? :v :iconlukatero:Lukatero 8 1 Pixel art practice  by Lukatero Pixel art practice :iconlukatero:Lukatero 3 0 now i know what's real and what's fake by imyrdog now i know what's real and what's fake :iconimyrdog:imyrdog 120 10 TRIO by andonvts TRIO :iconandonvts:andonvts 86 25


I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel for speed paints and animations like memes and wips and stuffs. What do you guys think? I have to make my parents agree since they aren't great wit social media but idk how to ask.
Gift for ufohouse
I love all of your work! Your oc's are gorgeous and different! You inspire me everyday! ♡♡♡
Hey y'all. Free commissions again. Willing to do anything you want. ♡♡♡ 4 SLOTS OPEN



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Boop a doop. I don't really have much to say. Um I draw on my phone with my finger so my art isn't the best. My computer is on the hands of a friend so until I get that back it will be phone or paper art.


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I'm slowly dying.


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